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Looking for an affordable home with a small town community feel? This well kept 2-story home sits nestled in the popular Glenwood community is the perfect setting for any family. This home features a Gourmet Galley Kitchen, 2 Large living areas, Garden tub, updated fixtures, built-in security system, gas water heater, and a covered patio with a big backyard for entertainment!

When he says “Home is where the Hardt is”, he isn’t kidding!  We thought buying a house in a pandemic would have been difficult, but David made it so easy and calm.  His referrals were spot on to the specifications we had asked for!  He was always so quick to respond and had amazing answers, and if he didn’t know it right away he would have you an answer very shortly!  He moved his schedules around multiple times to make sure we got to see a house.  In this market, you need to go ASAP or you lose!  We definitely did not lose having David as our trusted advisor!  We couldn’t have asked for a more attentive realtor. When we purchase our next home, believe we will be going through David again!
David is always available for questions, and this extends beyond the purchase of my home. He continues to work for me in answering questions, no matter how many, for a first time home buyer like myself.
If you choose David Hardt you will not only get someone to help you all the way through your purchase or sale but well beyond!
Scötch and Amy Dawson

Austin, Tx.

David Hardt helped me land the perfect home!  David stands above the rest in his ability to explain AND help with the process from start to finish. He made all the paperwork and contract jargon easy to handle — handling all of it but my signature, and always being available to explain anything I needed clarification on. He quickly coordinated all the viewings of potential houses after a quick text or phone call. If David wasn’t available he made sure to coordinate a colleague to help look at a house! This extra effort makes a big difference in a very fast-moving housing market like in Austin!
David is always available for questions, and this extends beyond the purchase of my home. He continues to work for me in answering questions, no matter how many, for a first time home buyer like myself.
If you choose David Hardt you will not only get someone to help you all the way through your purchase or sale but well beyond!
Rob Montgomery

Austin, Tx.

“It’s hard for me to articulate how great working with David was for my first home buying experience. However, I feel the need to spread the word.

I wouldn’t use the word “perfect” to describe much of anything in this world, but here it is: David was perfection. I know, I know. You read that correctly. Every detail was handled exactly as it should be. From the way he reached out to the seller’s realtor with an almost flattering tone to ensure our negotiations were accepted, to scheduling the final walk-through on our way to the closing appointment so I didn’t need to make an extra trip. He manages his business efficiently, and it really made a difference. 

I also loved that he was so prompt with all business communication. He never hesitated. He submitted my offer in less than an hour after my viewing. When he copied me on emails, he asked for an email back from the recipient that the information was received. This put me at ease, knowing I didn’t have to wonder if something was overlooked. He also let me use his Weichert Realty office for printing and making copies for all documents. It saved me a lot of time. The process needs to be a well-oiled machine and in my case, I was so impressed by how smooth it went. Shall I continue with this David Hardt lovefest? Don’t mind if I do.

His knowledge of the market I was interested in was one of the reasons why I wanted to work with David the most. I felt confident that he understood what kind of home I was looking for, and that nothing was being overlooked. Also, not having any sort of business network here in Central Texas, I appreciated David’s helpfulness in suggesting lenders, a home inspector, as well as helping me pick a home warranty company after he insured I had one for my first year in my home. 

David was always available to answer my random questions. I knew every expectation, timeline, and how to do my part to help make the process as efficient as possible. Just like he does. He also went above and beyond the “normal” duties of a realtor and went so far as to show me around my new neighborhood and introduced me to my new favorite restaurant, just 6 minutes from my house.

If none of these things are convincing enough to accurately depict my version of perfect, here’s the most important reason I adore David: He made me feel confident. In every decision, he gave me assurance, so I felt secure. He was always positive, always championing my efforts, and always building me up. I felt confident in my efforts, and confident that I would be moving into my beautiful new home in 30 days’ time. I didn’t realize that I needed the extra confidence he gave me until I began the process. I am so very thankful for David and all he has done for me. I would recommend David to anyone looking for a realtor. Take it from me, he is worth it!”

Jenna Kelly

Austin, Tx.

“David was a pleasure to have as our real estate agent. He came to every meeting with very helpful information and explained his process along the way that definitely showed his expertise in real estate. He never left any question unanswered and always responded promptly. He sold our home and assisted us in purchasing our new home. David always had a smile and had never-ending positivity throughout the entire sales process. He deserves the highest praise. He treated us like we were his only client! We highly recommend David to be your realtor.”

Richmond and Julie Diaz

Austin, TX

“When my wife and I decided to sell our South Austin investment house, I Googled realtors in the area and made what turned out to be a fortunate cold call to David. He was immediately on board. The home we were selling came with a complication: Its aging occupant had been filling it with stuff for 13 years, and she now lacked the financial and physical wherewithal to move out in a timely fashion. Since we lived halfway across the country, it was difficult for us to help. David saw the property’s value through the clutter, and the mix of patience and enthusiasm he brought to our slow exit process was just what was needed. He gave us great advice on what to concentrate on regarding repairs, upgrades, etc., and steered us to the right service people. When we were finally ready to list he wasted no time, and we were delighted to close just five weeks later.”

Charlie Southwell

Arlington, VA

“David Hardt is truly fortunate. While working with him it became abundantly clear that he is among the lucky few that has found his calling. David’s talent for Real Estate is eclipsed only by his passion. As a first time home buyer I had a great deal of fear and confusion about the home ownership process. To say that David was a blessing is an understatement. He was in constant communication, not only reactively, but proactively. Always willing to go the extra mile, he didn’t flinch from looking at houses during a hurricane. Not only did David help us find the right home, but he stuck with us through the intimidating mortgage phase as well. Knowing that he’s a fiduciary, I was sure that David was in our corner. I cannot recommend him more strongly to anyone looking for a competent and compassionate Realtor. Thank you David.”

Elon Weiss

Austin, TX

“From our first meeting to our final closing appointment, David was very knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. Any question we had, David was quick to answer. He helped us through the house-buying process every step of the way. We were so surprised at how smoothly the process went for us from beginning to end. We’re so happy with our new home and thankful David was recommended to us! Thanks again for all of your help. We’re slowly getting moved over, hoping to maybe sleep in the house for the first time Saturday night!”

Lisa Bruney

Austin, TX

David Hardt is hands down an absolute pleasure to work with! We first met him in 2016, as we were planning to buy our first house, then worked with him again at the end of 2019. A good friend had recommended we give him a call. Although we were initially considering working with another realtor, we agreed to meet with him anyway and afterward, were completely glad we did. There’s no question, he is highly skilled & has a heart for both his job & the people he works with. We appreciated his professionalism, candor, immediate feedback, & eye for detail that would have been overlooked by us when considering homes. All those qualities helped make the stress of buying and selling a home smooth & enjoyable. David Hardt is definitely someone you want on your team & we highly recommend him. 

Anita Dillashaw

Austin, TX

“Y’all know me, we have to give credit where credit is due; LET’S GIVE A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO OUR REALTOR David W Hardt, who for the last five years has stuck with us through it all!

David took us to see SO MANY homes, 98% of the time exactly what we wanted that 2% though, well, they were epic and completely unforeseeable. We all got some great laughs out of those homes!

David really made us feel at ease because he explained everything he saw from an experienced buyer’s perspective. Any detail we overlooked or brushed off, he explained what the future could hold with something we thought to have been minor.

David showed us real hospitality when showing us multiple homes in a day, usually evenings after a long work day.  He never no-showed, never rescheduled, and ALWAYS had a bright attitude. We are grateful to have had a realtor who bent over backwards for us. This man knows his stuff, and we trust him so much we want all of our friends and family to visit and see for themselves.  David only advises with your BEST interest at HARDT! There is no hidden agenda with him, you’ll have to see for yourself!

If you are looking to buy or are nowhere even prepared but are interested, PLEASE SPEAK WITH DAVID!

Thank you so much for all of your time and experience, we greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for us David! You and your family are always welcome!

Jenni Flores

Austin, TX

“I was a first time homebuyer, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor to get me through the process than David Hardt. It was such a great experience even during the time of a pandemic. While I was looking at the aesthetics of the home and making sure they made sense for my kiddos and me, David was looking at much more for us. I loved that he was also looking to make sure that the home I chose would also be a home someone else would one day buy from me in the future. He thought of things that perhaps a first time homebuyer would not think of or know of, and he certainly proved to have a lot of knowledge of the real estate market and have passion for it.
His communication skills are great! He was very prompt in getting back to me if he was on a call or assisting with a showing. He kept great communication with the seller and the title company. I can’t think of a time I actually had to call David unless if it was for a house I wanted to see. He was the one reaching out to me to make sure I hadn’t dropped the ball anywhere.
David Hardt will be the one I go to list my home and represent me on my next purchase. He will also be the one I refer to friends and family.
 Thank you David!
Lisa Tecson

Austin, TX